Come Celebrate National Car Care With Us!


When you visit Heritage | MileOne Autogroup, you can expect only the best customer service possible. We are a new and used car dealership made up of a team of car nuts, who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. So, you’ll understand when we say that we are excited to celebrate this year’s National Car Care Month.

Every April, drivers everywhere take time out of their days to service their vehicles. Regardless if you’re driving a brand new SUV or are the proud owner of a certified pre-owned vehicle, April is the time to rush to Heritage | MileOne Autogroup and receive a full inspection.

There are many ways you can participate in this year’s National Car Care Month. One popular way is to replace your air filters. Air filters serve as a form of ventilation for your engine, and over time these filters can collect debris. When air filters are blocked with debris, your engine has to work harder — as a result, causing a serious dip in gas mileage and overall efficiency.

Swapping fluids is a popular way to participate in National Car Care Month. There are many fluids to pay attention to, but coolant, transmission fluid, and motor oil are certainly the top three. Swapping out these fluids regularly can keep your engine running smoothly, and keep you from having to pay for costly maintenance down the road.

Of course, it wouldn’t be National Car Care Month if you didn’t receive a full inspection. Sometimes automotive issues don’t make themselves present until its too late. By visiting our service and parts department ahead of time for a full inspection, you can catch these issues before they become car killing mechanical problems. At Heritage | MileOne Autogroup we are dedicated to your satisfaction and are excited to celebrate this year’s National Car Care Month together. 

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