10 Tips to Better Fuel Economy


Nothing ever gets cheaper. Even if a price drops on something like gasoline, we all know it won’t stay that way. As gas prices start climbing again, many want to improve fuel economy, and they can get an assist from Heritage | MileOne Autogroup. 

Here’s how to get more out of every tank of gas.

  1. Keeping a steady speed — especially when you can use cruise control — uses less fuel than stop-and-go driving or frequent acceleration
  2. Your engine burns more fuel at higher revs and speeds, so take your time
  3. Keeping your weight to a minimum helps, so don’t carry unnecessary stuff in your trunk and back seat
  4. Lowering drag helps, too, so if you have an SUV, don’t travel with a roof rack unless it’s in use
  5. Check suspension and alignment periodically so you’re not causing wear and burning extra fuel
  6. In heavy traffic, or waiting in a parking lot? Switch off. Idling wastes fuel
  7. Change your oil on schedule so your engine doesn’t have to work harder and won’t burn as much gas
  8. Watch your speed, since aggressive braking means you’ve got to accelerate, burning more fuel; keep it steady
  9. Proper tire pressure reduces drag so your engine doesn’t have to work as hard
  10. Proper maintenance, including fresh oil and new tires, prevents breakdowns and overheating besides improving gas mileage

Replace Your Car

We admire frugality, and we especially respect those of you who are diligent enough with maintenance to keep an old car running for years — sometimes even decades — after you bought it. But times change. Car design and engines have changed, too. Lighter materials, low-drag designs, and more efficient engines mean much better fuel economy than your old car — and you’re also likely to spend less on maintenance and repairs. Even finding newer used cars for sale can help.

Looking for new car deals to save money on fuel and repairs? The dealerships of Heritage | MileOne Autogroup can help you update your ride and keep your car from Hoovering cash out of your wallet. Visit us from Baltimore, Towson, and the surrounding areas.

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