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Rising gas prices have more drivers than ever interested in more fuel-efficient vehicles, and you’ll find plenty of hybrid, plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), and electric vehicle (EV) options among our Heritage cars for sale. But a lot of drivers still have questions, so we’ve got an introduction to the different types of hybrid and electric cars.

Hybrid and Electric Cars 101

  • Hybrid
    • Hybrid vehicles were some of the earliest models to use electric technology to save on mileage.
    • You’ll still primarily use gas to power a hybrid, but a small electric engine and battery will be used to supplement the fuel-based power.
    • The battery uses braking power or your engine to charge, and runs the electric engine.
    • The electric engine can take over from the gas engine at low speeds or when coasting, saving you fuel.
    • Affordable, eco-friendly choice for those with long commutes or who regularly go beyond normal electric ranges.


  • PHEV
    • PHEVs rely on electric energy first, and gas energy as a backup.
    • PHEVs use a much larger battery, which needs to be plugged in to charge.
    • Most PHEVs can function solely on electric power for everyday commuting and errands, but will use gas for longer trips or when the battery lacks power.
    • A perfect in-between for drivers who primarily drive shorter distances, but who want the flexibility for long drives without needing to find charging stations.


  • EV
    • Electric vehicles are fully electric and use no fuel.
    • The battery charges by plugging in, although most EVs also use braking to charge, like hybrids.
    • Ranges have increased on EVs enough so that most can make it hundreds of miles before they need a charge.
    • EVs are a great choice for those who don’t do much long-distance driving.

Hybrids, PHEVs, and EVs in Maryland

Whatever option you choose, you’ll find plenty of hybrid and electric vehicles when you talk to one of our Heritage car dealers in Maryland. Call or visit one of our Heritage MileOne Autogroup locations today to learn more!

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