ev-charging-chalk-art.pngWhen gas prices climb, it doesn’t take much other convincing to make the switch to an electric vehicle (EV). However, as EVs prove to be the best vehicles out there for the environment, many drivers can access EV incentives to make the switch. Here at Heritage | MileOne Autogroup, we want to make sure you know all of the facts before choosing your next vehicle. Read through to learn all there is to know about EV incentives.

EV Incentives 101: Rebates

For some electric vehicles, drivers can enjoy federal tax rebates of up to $7,500, but it doesn’t stop there. When you own an electric vehicle, you can also receive a tax rebate from your state government.

However, that rebate depends on the state you live in. Heritage | MileOne Autogroup has locations in Pennsylvania and Maryland, and both states have great EV incentives.

In Pennsylvania, battery-powered cars and trucks can qualify for a rebate of up to $2,000. In Maryland, the rebate is up to $3,000 and also up to $700 for the cost of electric vehicle charging equipment. Don’t take those numbers lightly. Essentially, at the end of the fiscal year, you are going to get money back solely because you bought an electric vehicle.

Other EV Incentives

Depending on which electric vehicle you purchase, you can get an electric vehicle charging station installed in your home at no cost to you. The price to charge your vehicle overnight is far and away less than what it takes to fill your tank up with gasoline.

Also, electric vehicles don’t need oil changes, so that’s another piece of normal vehicle service you can forget about.

Here at Heritage | MileOne Autogroup, we are determined to get you inside the right vehicle for you. Swing by today to test drive our electric vehicles! 

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